Mascot Monday: Ettie (Women’s World Cup 2019)

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The Women’s World Cup begins on Friday in France, so it seemed like a good idea to celebrate that on Mascot Monday! If you have any suggestions for future editions, get in touch.

Name: Ettie

Age: 15 (according to FIFA)

Tournament: Women’s World Cup 2019, France

Mascot Since: 2018

Species: Chicken

Friends & Family: Ettie’s dad is Footix (below, as immortalised on an Albanian stamp), the cheery blue rooster who you’ll remember as the celebrated mascot of France ’98 if you’re of a certain age.

Screenshot_2019-05-31 Stamp Mascot Footix (Albania) (Football World Cup 1998, France) Mi AL BL113,Sn AL 2564,Yt AL BF88,Sg [...]

She’s also been seen hanging out in Moscow with Zabivaka, the wolf mascot from last year’s World Cup – they went sightseeing and did a photo session together, apparently.

Notes: Like her mysterious English cousin Lily, Ettie is a chicken who loves football (unlike this one) – but in many ways she’s the opposite to Lily, in that we know quite a bit about her. FIFA have given her a cute little back story:

[Her] name comes from the French word for star, étoile, as she came from the bright star that her father Footix was awarded for the 1998 FIFA World Cup. Footix cast his star far into the night sky so it could shine brightly, and after a few years of travelling through the cosmos it came back to him in the form of his twinkling daughter, ettie.

Footix knew immediately that ettie was very special, not only because of her sparkling personality that would radiate happiness and joy to everyone she met, but because they shared a real passion for football.

Like father, like daughter, it seems. Good luck Ettie!


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