Mascot Monday: Boilerman (West Brom)

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Welcome to a new series of posts designed to brighten up your Mondays! First off, we’re heading to West Brom to meet Boilerman, the hot water hero we didn’t know we needed. As aficionados of bonkers football mascots (and there are many out there), we here at ASRV absolutely love Boilerman – although we’re still trying to work out how he actually sees anything at all out of that suit…

Name: Boilerman

Club: West Bromwich Albion

Mascot since: 2018

Species: Er… a combi boiler. On legs. Wearing a cap.

Friends & Family: Baggie Bird (see photo below)

Social Media: Twitter, Facebook.

Notes: A promotional mascot for WBA sponsors Ideal Boilers, Boilerman was introduced to the fans at the Hawthorns in August 2018. He was an instant social media hit, discussed on both local and national news websites – and has even released his own clothing line (a first for a football mascot?).

Boilerman and Baggie Bird
Boilerman hanging out with his mate Baggie Bird.

If you’ve got any suggestions for future Mascot Mondays, let us know!



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