(George) Best of Both Worlds?

George Best - Pinterest screenshot

Algorithms. Dontcha just love them? Sometimes they do amazing things (like imaging black holes), and sometimes…. well, sometimes they get a little ahead of themselves (no, Twitter, we really don’t want to follow Piers Morgan).

We particularly liked this amusing instance of what can only be called algorithm confusion (above), found while we were updating the ASRV Pinterest recently (our Pinterest is definitely worth a look, btw. Lots and lots of amazing images from over a century of football).

Like many social media-type sites, Pinterest will suggest what it decides is the most relevant of your subject boards for each picture you save, but sometimes it gets it just a little bit wrong…

For example, you might assume that it would recommend filing a pic of the legendary footballing genius, bad boy and inveterate ladies man George Best on, say, the Football or Northern Ireland boards. We certainly did.

But if you look at the top right hand corner of the screenshot above, you’ll see that, according to the Pinterest algorithm, the most appropriate board for George is actually… guess what?

That’s right. Women’s Football.

Well, yes. And no. We’re still giggling.

We suspect Georgie Boy would definitely approve though…

ASRV on Pinterest

ASRV on Twitter

CB on Instagram



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