A World Cup Visual Miscellany

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CB writes…

So, it’s all over. France have lifted the trophy for the second time, Croatia reached their first ever final, Germany crashed out in the group stages, and England finally won a World Cup penalty shootout (probably thanks to Gareth Southgate’s lucky waistcoat? Who knows). It’s all been great fun.

I did have a load of historical World Cup-related posts to share with you, but time did not allow for all of them to be properly sorted out (OK, more like it’s actually really easy to get completely distracted by so much football on the telly, I admit it…).

It seemed a shame not to post some of these amazing images of past World Cups though, so I’ve put together a slideshow of the best bits I could find – including some very vintage finals, the legendary 1970 Brazil team, the notorious ‘Battle of Santiago’ in 1962, World Cup football in space, and David Beckham’s famous penalty against Argentina in 2002.


Got, got, need: Panini Cheapskates’ World Cup Challenge

CB writes…

Here at ASRV, we’re particularly fond of the weirder and quirkier side of football. It can be a strange and fascinating game at times, intriguing in its oddness. And it has to be said that the wonderful Panini Cheapskates project most certainly fits the bill in that respect!

Inspired by the famous sticker albums produced for every World Cup as far back as we can remember (and their self-confessed inability to draw), husband and wife team Alex and Sian decided way back in 2014 that it would probably be cheaper to draw their own stickers than to shell out the ridiculous amounts it would cost to completely fill their album.  So they did.

That was just the beginning.

It’s kind of taken over their lives a bit these days (and they have a baby now, who I imagine isn’t much help on the drawing side of things!). They’ve been on TV and radio and in the papers, have a large following on Twitter and Instagram, a blog about their project, and have had a short film made about it too. There’s even a quiz in The Guardian, should you want to have a go.

And they’re still at it. During this World Cup, they’ve challenged themselves to draw every sticker in the book by the end of the tournament, and are, as they have before, raising money for charity in the process.

They’re quite clearly bonkers, but we love them. All hail the Panini Cheapskates!

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