Ideas for Articles

Want to contribute to ASRV but have no idea what to write about? Here’s a few suggestions you might like to contemplate…

In no particular order:

  • Who is your footballing hero? Why?
  • Why do you support your team?
  • History/origins of the game. How has it changed? Stayed the same?
  • Football during World War One/World War Two.
  • Impact of changes in the laws of the game over time (back pass rule, offside rule etc).
  • Memories of your first match, or a significant/famous match you were at.
  • World Cup/Euros (history, memorable matches, memorable goals, great players etc).
  • Football stadia (new and/or old).
  • Football memorabilia.
  • Football and football culture in other parts of the world.
  • Safe standing. Do you agree with the idea? Why?
  • Non-league football (in all its glory!)
  • Women’s football (early popularity, the FA ban, women in the men’s game, Lionesses, sexism, legendary players etc).
  • The FA Cup/League Cup (history, classic matches, giant killing, views on the modern competition etc).
  • Europa League/Champions League (and predecessors).
  • Referees/VAR etc. Will we ever see another Collina in the game?
  • Footballers acting (adverts, TV shows, movies etc).
  • Fictional football (movies, TV shows, novels etc).
  • Reviews of books etc about football.
  • Transfer fees and the transfer windows (also players’ wages).
  • Football mascots and their antics (I would love an article about Sad Gunnersaurus please!)
  • Animals and football (animal players, pitch invaders, live mascots, predictors etc. Loads here!)
  • Great goals/matches/players/managers, and what makes them great.
  • FIFA/UEFA/FA scandals.
  • Footballers/managers in trouble with the law (Cantona, Barton, Big Dunc, Woodgate, Venables etc).
  • Match fixing and football betting.
  • Discrimination and equality in the game (race, gender, sexuality, class etc).
  • Football clubs and their local communities/the wider society.
  • The Academy system and its impact on young players.
  • When football was played on Christmas Day (yes, I know it’s only June…)
  • Football derbies (oldest, newest, most closely fought etc).
  • Rivalries between clubs/players/manager etc.
  • Record-breaking clubs/players/managers etc.
  • History and development of football kit (shirts, boots, balls etc).

If you have any more ideas (or would like to contribute photos or artwork etc too), please get in touch!

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